How high are modern mattresses?

How high are modern mattresses?

How high are modern mattresses? Once the mattresses measured from 15 cm up to 20 cm from the wool mattress to the first latex mattresses with a 12 cm internal slab.

High mattresses:

Today the minimum height of a good mattress is about 22 cm, considering an internal slab of 18 cm the rest is done by the covering fabric with its padding that gives thickness to the entire mattress.

How high should a mattress be?

The height of the mattress is equal to the quality of the mattress only in the case in which the high thickness is justified by more materials or inner layers or implies more elaborate labor. In that case, it also has a higher cost. To be clear a “piece” of rubber 50 cm high lined is a high mattress surely but it is not a good mattress.

The minimum height of the latex mattress is at least 20 cm the height of the memory mattress is 22 cm so also the thickness of the pocket spring mattress. Its intended measures including the thickness of the covering. The latex mattress is generally formed by a single slab of latex foam, while the other types have different materials and to “express themselves” at best need greater heights.

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Many are fascinated by the high mattress for aesthetic aspects, always go to evaluate the pros and cons, in fact, it is important to also evaluate practical aspects. For example, the headboard of the bed which must be high enough for a mattress from 30 cm onwards, and the sheets because the sheet with the corners, the bottom sheet, the old kit is no longer good.

Mattress hygiene: The need to redo the mattress every 3/5 years coincides with the possibility of having the mattress cleaned and sanitized. You may be upset about having to think about calling the mattress every now and then, but restoring and cleaning the mattress several times during your life can only be a pleasure.

Apart from the back, think of the accumulation of dust, dead epithelial cells, and residues of the mattress’s deteriorated materials. It is not the wool that attracts the mites, but the lack of cleanliness and the presence of dust.

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