Latex mattress or memory foam mattress, which one to choose?

Latex mattress or memory foam mattress, which one to choose?

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Every dilemma is a conflict, so it must come sooner or later to a conclusion, which decrees the victory of the best. So it was for the 100-year war; the debate on evolutionism and creationism, the eternal clash between those who prefer pasta with cheese or without, to name a few. Conflicts also exist in the world of rest; the most important is for sure: is a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress better?

Equal and different:

In the eyes of the vast majority of the population, the differences between a latex mattress and a memory mattress are very few, practically imperceptible. Perhaps because of the coatings or the shape; or because of the lack of care that is given to the choice of the mattress, the convictions and opinions on mattresses that are now so deeply rooted in our culture; so much to guide us in choosing the mattress.

Some might say: the best mattress can be a latex mattress or a memory mattress, so much between the two does not change much; they are both mattresses. On this, logically there is no rain; but precisely, for this reason, we should look into the matter, trying to understand why the latex mattress and the memory mattress are two extremely different products while remaining essentially the same product.

Latex mattress:

The differences arise from the production process; the natural latex mattress is obtained from the rubbery resin of the rubber tree which is then refined, worked and vulcanized to obtain latex foam. The latex mattress was a very fashionable product in the last decade, starting to spread in the homes from the late 1990s. In this period the rest scene was contested with spring orthopedic mattresses, while the memory mattress had recently been introduced on the market.

The advantages of the latex mattress:

The latex mattress has indisputable positive sides. It manages to have an excellent breathability rate, thanks to the internal honeycomb structure that allows the correct air circulation inside. It is a natural and elastic material, which reacts optimally to pressure if we rest on it, then return to its original shape in the morning once it is freed from the weight. Latex is a hypoallergenic material, used for many “sensitive” items, precisely because of this characteristic.

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